Professional Services Statement of Work


This Statement of Work ("SOW") governs the performance by Accucode, Inc. ("Accucode") of network installation services and/or other professional services (collectively "Services") purchased by you ("Customer") directly from Accucode. The Service Terms and Conditions and other agreements related to the use of the Accucode store website, and purchase of products and services from Accucode apply in addition to this SOW. In the event of a conflict between this SOW and other agreements, this SOW shall take priority. The network bundled solution includes all Services needed to complete a standard installation. Assumptions and customer requirements are laid out in this SOW. Services and/or Equipment not specifically provided for here-under are outside the scope of this SOW.

Included Services

Accucode will provide the following Services for Customer’s network solution purchased from Accucode. Not all Services may be included with all bundles.

Location Dispatch Service

This Service includes the Services needed for coordinating and scheduling the installation.

Wireless Access Point Configuration, Deployment, and Professional Services Installation

This Service includes up to 300’ of cable run, ceiling mounting and installation of Access Point(s) ("AP") and Power over Ethernet ("PoE") Injector (if needed) by a qualified technician. This Service includes travel and all professional services to deploy network infrastructure, including staging, configuration, project management, site communication, shipping, deployment and testing. This Service includes termination into a standard biscuit jack or RJ45 end. Accucode provides two options for terminating the cable run in the network closet: (1) Accucode will terminate the cable run directly into a switch. This option is more common with small sites that either do not have, or do not want to utilize, a patch panel; or (2) Accucode will terminate the cable run directly into a patch panel, and optionally provide a patch cable to connect the patch panel to a switch. This option is more common with larger sites. Patch panel hardware or installation, raceway and conduit are not included with the Service.

Router/Controller Installation

This Services includes mounting, installation and testing of a router/wireless controller. Accucode will install the router in the same area as the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) network modem. Accucode will connect the appropriate WAN port to the ISP modem and test for Internet connectivity. Accucode will connect the AP to the PoE port on the router, if applicable. This Service includes travel and all professional services to deploy network infrastructure, including staging, configuration, project management, site communication, shipping, deployment and testing.

Switch Installation

This Service includes mounting and installation of a wireless controller. This Service includes travel and all professional services to deploy network infrastructure, including staging, configuration, project management, site communication, shipping, deployment and testing.

Pre-Installation Survey Services (Per Location)

This Service includes an on-site inspection at the end-customer's site location that will include a report detailing availability of network and physical components, e.g., power availability, site obstructions, network closet/rack availability, switch port availability, Internet access, etc. The pre-installation survey is used to ensure that the installation goes smoothly and provides a high quality solution that meets the Customer’s needs. Only one survey is required per facility as long as all APs are ordered at the same time. There are a number of details that Accucode will review during the survey to help ensure a successful installation. Some of these details include:

  • The facility layout, including walls, floors, ceiling heights, interior obstructions, and materials.
  • The location, configuration, and number of Customer devices.
  • The location and configuration of the network closet.

Based on the results of the survey, Accucode creates a report with its recommended solution. If this solution is different from the Customer’s original order, Accucode will review the solution with the Customer before scheduling the final installation. If the survey reveals a price increase greater than 50% of the Customer’s original order, the Customer shall have the option to cancel the order and receive a refund of the difference between the cost of the pre-installation survey and documentation and the package purchased by the Customer. The cost for the pre-installation survey starts at $445.

The on-site portion of the survey typically requires less than two hours to complete. The subsequent report and follow-up is generally completed within 3 business days after the site visit.

Predictive Wireless Design Services

Accucode will determine the wireless network design and the access point count through predictive wireless designs. This Service includes on-site data collection, predictive design, and detailed report. The wireless design report includes AP placement, heat map of coverage, as well as notes and observations about the Customer’s installation location. Pricing requires that the Customer’s location is a single story building with less than fifty-thousand (50,000) square feet of total wireless coverage needs.


The Services provided under this SOW are based on the following assumptions. Customer is responsible for the costs incurred in complying with the assumptions.

No fire wall break penetrations. If a firewall is present, Accucode requires a hole punched through the firewall allowing unimpeded access to the Internet.

No lift requirements unless otherwise quoted

Cat5e non-plenum rated cabling

Drop ceilings will be used for all cable runs

No wall penetrations required

Existing conduit will be used for new cable runs

Site network firewall setup to allow cloud based traffic

Internet service has been activated for the location prior to the site survey visit and has been extended into the location area designated for the networking equipment.

No patch cables or panels are included

No power strips are included

Assumes shipment of equipment goes directly to facility to be installed

Access to all required facility areas during implementation

Tech refusal on site will create a trip charge

Facility diagrams will be provided by Customer

Delay due to end-customer will be at Time and Materials rates

Unimpeded access (no splash page) to the Internet through a network port in the network closet (location where the network equipment will be installed). If using DHCP, the port needs to be properly configured to provide an IP address. If using static addresses, the information provided to use during scheduling must match the end user’s network.

No Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) for any of the technology are needed or included in the service unless purchased separately.

Customer personnel will be available to handle software escalations when required.

Wireless designs will be based on total coverage in Customer location with the following exceptions:

  • No coverage required for outdoor dining area
  • No coverage required for bathrooms
  • No coverage required for freezer areas
  • No coverage required for delivery areas
  • No structures or materials that would impede signal propagation

Customer will provide Accucode with requested information in a timely manner, and Customer takes full responsibility and liability for the accuracy of all information supplied to Accucode by Customer and which Accucode relies upon in its performance hereunder.

The Services provided hereunder shall be performed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time, excluding designated holidays. Accucode can accommodate after hours installation on a case-by-case basis. Additional pricing may apply. Accucode will not schedule work on Accucode scheduled holidays defined below:

Accucode Designated Holiday Date Observed
New Year’s Day January 1st
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4th
Labor Day 1st Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November
Christmas Eve December 24th (half day)
Christmas Day December 25th

Wireless access points do not require special colored casing or "camouflage" for the installation location.

No special enclosures, racks or cabinets are required. Network switches, routers and modems will be installed in existing racks or shelves with available space at the installation location.

Network switches, routers, and modems will all be installed in the same physical place within the location.

No additional wiring connections are required from the location’s "DEMARC" to where the equipment will be installed.

Black cabling color is acceptable.

Existing conduit at the location will be used for new cable runs.

Accucode will have access to all areas including secured rooms and or closets needed during installation.

The standard installation fee covers a ceiling height of up to 10 feet. Higher ceiling installations generally require the coordination and rental of an on-site lift, a service which Accucode provides at an additional flat fee.

Accucode will stage, configure and ship all equipment needed for the installation.

Customer will provide all shipping information at the time the order is placed with Accucode.

Customer understands that order fulfillment may be impacted by conditions outside of Accucode’s control (e.g. incorrect or missing information provided, minimum site requirements not being met, coordination/scheduling changes due to the site contact’s availability, additional equipment required based on what is discovered during the site survey, delayed/incomplete shipments, etc.). In the event of a delay, Accucode’s procedure will be to maintain contact with the Customer to ensure that all parties are aware of the reason for the delay as well as the estimated time for resolution.

Customer will provide Accucode with floorplans prior to installation scheduling.

Additional Fees

The price for Services and Equipment provided in the order is based on the Assumptions in Section 3. Any variance may result in additional charges. Accucode will timely notify Customer of additional charges that are necessary to complete the installation. Customer agrees to pay for the additional Equipment and Services prior to the installation being completed. Additional required fees may include the following:

Site Not Ready Fee

This fee is applied when the Customer or end-user confirms they have Internet connectivity, structured cabling, or other end-user provided equipment ready and Accucode has confirmed they do not, prior to or during installation. This fee also applies when the Accucode technician is turned away from the site or otherwise is unable to perform the work on the premises due to no fault of Accucode or Accucode’s technician, including the site being under construction.

Starting at $200.00 per incident

Reschedule/Site Refusal Fee

This fee is applied when the Customer or end-user cancels the installation less than two business days prior to the scheduled visit. It is also applicable if the site refuses the tech the day of the installation. Technician refusal on site will create a return trip fee.

Starting at $200.00 per incident

Lift Fee

This fee covers the rental and coordination of a lift to facilitate on-site installations at sites with ceilings over 10 feet tall. If the pre-installation survey determines the need for a lift, Accucode will confirm with Customer that this can be added to the order. A lift is generally required for ceilings higher than 10 feet tall, but only one lift fee is needed for multiple installations on a given order, as long as all of the installations are performed on the same day. The lift expense handles all charges for use, delivery and pickup.

Starting at $375.00 per day

Delay Fee

This fee is applied when the Accucode technician is unable to perform the work at the site due to no fault of Accucode or the Accucode technician.

Starting at $125.00/hour or any part thereof

Additional Site Dispatch Service

All components that are not associated with a bundled service will require a Site Dispatch Service.

Starting at $200.00 per visit

Cable Raceway Run

This service includes the installation of up to 50’ of cable raceway. When there is no access to the inside of a wall or ceiling to pull cables, Accucode can use cable raceway. This is plastic or metal track which is affixed to the outside of a wall to conceal the cable. Does not include color matching to the decor.

Starting at $200.00 per raceway run

Conduit Run

This service includes the installation of up to 50’ of conduit. When there is no access to the inside of a wall or ceiling to pull cables, Accucode can use conduit. This is metal pipe, industrial in appearance, which is affixed to the outside of a wall to conceal the cable. Does not include color matching to the decor.

Starting at $275.00 per conduit run

Customer Deliverables

To manage the activities outlined herein on time and within the pricing provided, Customer assigned roles and responsibilities must be fulfilled effectively. Customer is responsible for providing the complete street address for the installation location to Accucode. Customer may be responsible for providing some or all of the following information to Accucode: IP addresses, SSIDs, "Gold Image" configuration files, standard location design diagrams, and network port assignment locations for the installation location. Customer is responsible for setting expectations with their location management team regarding installation details and Accucode information. Customer will escalate all required decisions to appropriate parties and deliver final determinations within 1 business day, or within an agreed upon amount of time, of receipt of any requests necessary to complete the installation. Customer will provide administrative authority required to successfully implement the SOW deliverables. Customer shall keep Accucode informed of any information or changes, which may affect Accucode’s performance of Services. Customer shall provide Accucode with reasonable access to the Customer site during normal business hours or after business hours, as needed and agreed to by Customer and Accucode. For the location to be deployed, Customer shall provide a local site contact name, telephone number, address, and email for both a primary and backup local site contact to facilitate local scheduling issues. Customer will provide adequate technical support personnel during the installation in order to provide troubleshooting and any additional quality assurance needed for ANY business applications or systems that would be affected by the deployment of the Solution. Customer will order the Internet service based on the installation schedule. Customer will keep a schedule and document the status of all Internet service orders and tracking information for the broadband modem.

Accucode Deliverables

Accucode will document standard access point and networking hardware placement for the installation location. Accucode will contact Customer and arrange for delivery of any supplies, equipment and/or product and arrange for the installation day and time. Accucode will stage, configure and ship the Equipment to Customer or installation team location. Accucode will utilize standard (non-expedited) ground shipping to the installation location. Any expedited shipping will be at an additional cost to Customer. Accucode will rent and manage the drop-off and pickup of scissor lift. Accucode will install an optional power strip (purchased by Customer) in an installation location that requires additional power receptacles. Accucode will provide all equipment, labor, materials and supplies to perform the work under this SOW with the exception of any power strips, patch cables, patch panels, or any other materials not explicitly purchased by Customer from Accucode. Accucode will maintain a clean and professional appearance while on site at any Customer location. Accucode will contact Customer to confirm all testing and validation work that Accucode is responsible for has been completed. Accucode will provide a site check-off form that will be completed by the site location manager before Accucode leaves the location.

Accucode will provide the following documentation to Client for their reference upon completion of work at each customer site:

Upon Completion of the Predictive Wireless Survey

  • Customer’s completed site visit questionnaire
  • Wireless design document
  • Completed site survey document
  • Quote for any new services required

Upon Completion of the Installation

  • Customer sign-off
  • Photos of the installation

Included Materials and Tools

Accucode will provide the following materials as a part of the installation. Any material or tool not defined in this list will be considered out-of-scope of this SOW.

  • Appropriately sized ladder up to 10 ft
  • Smartphone or tablet for network testing
  • Cat5e non-plenum rated cabling
  • Cat5e termination connectors, e.g., RJ45 ends, "biscuit" jack
  • Network termination and testing tools

All other network related equipment will require Customer personnel to setup, configure and test functionality e.g., point of sale registers, wireless tablets used for business purposes, back office services, workstations, laptops, and any other device that uses a network connection in the location unless the Customer has purchased a Support and Services Package.

Change Management

Any request to change the scope of work from the SOW will be a change request and may be subject to additional costs. Customer shall contact their Accucode sales representative with any change request, and Accucode’s engineering staff will then work with Customer to quote and implement these changes. Accucode will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement Customer’s requested changes, but makes no guarantee that the requested changes will be implemented. Customer is not entitled to a refund solely because Accucode is unable to make the requested changes. Any additional equipment Customer would like to include in the shipment to the installation location will require additional charges for installation labor, expense and additional shipping costs that might be incurred.

Approval and Acceptance

Accucode shall present the Services completion checklist, location installation Sign-Off form and site documentation upon completion of installation and testing of the installation.

Installation Warranty

Accucode warrants the installation Services for a period of thirty (30) days. Upon discovery of any installation issues, Customer shall promptly notify Accucode. Accucode shall address any Customer issue(s) within thirty (30) business days after the receipt of such notice, and will then resubmit the Services completion checklist for Customer’s signature. Such time to address any quality of Service or re-work issues(s) may be extended by mutual consent. If Accucode determines that the problem is not related to the installation, any additional Services and Equipment will be billed to Customer on a time and materials basis.

Hardware Warranty

Accucode is not the manufacturer of the hardware and does not provide a warranty for the hardware. Customer is responsible for all service and warranty related processes and costs for equipment that malfunctions and shall take up such warranty issues directly with the manufacturer. Customer will charge an out-of-scope per hour rate for returning to the location to replace faulty, broken or malfunctioning equipment.

Order Cancellation Process

Customer may cancel an order within 24 hours of it being placed by contacting Accucode (by phone or email). Due to configuration of devices, once an Accucode representative has confirmed the purchase with the Customer, the Customer will be unable to cancel the order and there will be no refunds except as provided in Section 2.5.